The Draytones - Discografía

Banda (Anglo-Argentina)

Forever On

01. Keep Loving Me
02. Out Of This World
03. Not Alone
04. Time
05. Four Years
06. Trafalgar Square

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Up In My Head

01. Turn It Down
02. After All
03. Heart Shaped Line
04. As High As I Can
05. On The Way
06. Don't Talk To Me
07. Summer's Arrived
08. I Have To Go
09. Throwing Stones
10. Flowers On The Bridge

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No te mires en el agua. Gabo Ferro.

Sólo tenemos ciencia. Gabo Ferro.

Gabo Ferro - con su perfume y su olor

De tanta y tanto / Gabo Ferro / ND Ateneo 5 de Nov de 2009